Dim Sum (Westside)

Boke Bowl now offers Dim Sum (Westside only)
every Saturday and Sunday from 11AM – 2PM

Sorry, no reservations or take-out for Dim Sum.

This is our non-faithful recreation of the Cantonese-style, tapas-like small-plate/pushed cart service offered at more traditional Chinese restaurants.

Items that we might have (but are not limited to) include:

Har Gow – shrimp and pea shoot
Hum Bao – curried squash (vegan) or pork jam w/kimchi
Lotus Wraps – spicy pork or squash, mushroom, and black bean sauce (vegan, GF)
Black Bean Spare Ribs
Rice Noodles – pork, veggie (GF), or shrimp (GF)
Sui Mai – pork & shrimp, or veggie (vegan)
Tofu Skin Rolls (vegan, GF)
Chicken and Waffle – yeast rice cake with Boke fried chicken (GF)
Chinese Greens w/Oyster Sauce
Pea Tips w/Garlic and Fermented Black Bean (vegan, GF)
Potstickers – pork, cabbage, and ginger
Tapioca & Mung Bean Fritters with gochujang mayo (GF, vegan w/o mayo)
Daikon Cakes – veggie (vegan, GF) or ham (GF)
Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Wings
Sesame Balls w/Red Bean Paste (vegan, GF)
Assorted Tarts – Bee Local Honey, green tea, chai, almond coconut, ginger